Selina Group of Companies is one of the most important competitors on the buildings market in the western part of the country. Our force consists in five companies of our corporation, appreciated in their field of activity.

Selina SRL – buildings
Trameco S.A. – transport and mechanization
Drumuri Bihor S.A. – infrastructure works
Selina Invest S.R.L. – developer and promoter of real estate projects
Selina Kurdistan – buildings

By virtue of more than 1.500 employees and of more than 400 machines and equipments we represent a strong competitive force, able to mobilize itself quickly in order to develop large scale works, works of a high quality that certify our position as leader.

• Civil and industrial buildings;
• Restorations of historic monuments;
• Installation works: water supply, canalizations, heating and air conditioning, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants;
• Building of roads and highways;
• Building of bridges and footbridges;
• Hydrotechnical buildings, land improvements, water management, combating soil erosion;
• Mine closures, greening and decantation ponds;
• Transports and mechanization;
• Equipment rental;
• Real estate development and promotion;
• Tourism activity.

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